Two of the biggest challenges for businesses in the real estate industry is staying ahead of the competition in the face of rapid change and meeting consumer expectations. The consumer wants instant information, and the nature of the real estate business is really one of personal service. The demand of wanting information “now” has become a huge negative.

Many real agents are wary of losing “customer touch”. People are always the priority but technology can get in the way of personal touch, meeting people in person. It’s easier to send an e-mail rather than pick up the phone or meet in person or write a personal note, all of which are essential in building relationships.

Technology will continue to evolve. Consumer expectations will keep changing as tools and resources get smarter. The real challenge for the real estate industry is how quickly businesses can adapt and change with time and leverage applications for the benefit of the consumer experience. It’s a challenge to stay ahead of the curve but the key is to not fall behind.