While you cannot absolutely rely on the seller or their agent for this information, it’s a good place to start and, in most cases, you will get accurate information TO THE BEST OF THEIR KNOWLEDGE. Most of these questions appear in other sections as well, where you can get a more authoritative answer.

·        Is the lot buildable?

·        Are there any liens, rights-of-way, easements, covenants, or other deed

·        restrictions or encroachments on the property?

·        Are there any protective covenants?

·        Will there be a homeowners association and fees?

·        Are any portions of the parcel designated as wetlands or floodplain?

·        Does the site have access to electrical power, natural gas, town water or sewer?

·        Is there potable water on the site? What flow rate and water quality?

·        Is there potable water on the site?

·        Has as a perc test been completed? A septic design designed? Conventional

·        Are the boundaries clearly and accurately marked?